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First Haircut

This past weekend while in Chattanooga, Will got his first haircut! His hair was getting a little long for a boy – it was over his shirt collar. He went to the East Ridge Barber Shop where his Papa and Great PawPaw get their haricut. Will even received a “First Haircut” certificate.





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6 Responses to “First Haircut”

  1. papa says:

    cant believe he made u cry mean ol barber

  2. Great-Gran Mimi says:

    The most precious thing I’ve seen. in a long time.
    He’s such an angel. Hope he never changes.

  3. Grandmama Sybil says:

    Cute as he can be: He can’t know how much he is loved by all his family! He’s a handsome little fellow and it is terrible he had to shed those tears! He has beautiful eyes!!!

  4. Honey says:

    I just want to kiss the back of that sweet little neck!

  5. Gayle says:

    Our little Will is sooooooo cute! A real little man now with his haircut. We love him so much!

  6. Tiffany Harris says:

    This baby is even cute when crying, how does that happen?! :)