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Beach Baby

A couple of weeks ago we went to Panama City Beach, Florida with my parents. We even spent a few hours with Dana and the “Locke” family  on Thursday afternoon and for dinner! We have about 100 pictures – too many to post. Here are a few to enjoy.


Will feeling the sand for the first time.


Toes into the ocean.


Will LOVED the sand!


Bill and Will playing in the ocean. Will wasn’t too thrilled about it.


Papa and Will playing in the pool.


Honey and Will swimming.


Fun time at the beach!

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7 Responses to “Beach Baby”

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  2. SYBIL says:

    What a wonderful time for Will and the family! He looks as if he will be a sun lover for sure! Happy the family had such a good time!

  3. Dana Regg says:

    Um where is the picture of Didi and Will at the beach????

  4. katy says:

    adorable pics!!! he’s so precious.

  5. Mimi says:

    He is the happiest baby i’ve ever seen. he loves everything except maybe the ocean. I don’t much like it either. these pics are so cute.

  6. Mimi says:

    These need to be on Will’s blog!

  7. becky mason says:

    Soo cute! What a fun time :) Makes me want to go to the beach!