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We (heart) NYC!

We had a great time the past few days in NYC! Will was so great – he is such a city slicker I think it is in his bones. We had a fabulous time mostly eating good food with great friends. Here is our trip in pictures.

NYC Vacation 09 004

Will looking out the airplane window. He did great on his first flight.

NYC Vacation 09 007

Will checked out the “Sky” magazine while en route from Minnesota to NYC. The whole magazine was devoted to New York so Will knew all the hot spots to check out once he got there.

NYC Vacation 09 005

Man, flying is exhausting.

NYC Vacation 09 009

On Saturday night we at at John’s of 12th Street in the East Village. We enjoyed dinner with Jay, Desiree and James Sholes and Pete Little, all of our gracious hosts. Will and James enjoyed catching up with each other over dinner.

NYC Vacation 09 010

Will loved riding on the subway. He especially liked entertaining everyone on the train.

NYC Vacation 09 013

On Sunday we were able to worship at Apostles Church then ate a delicious Thai lunch with our sweet friends Kristian and Katy. It was great to introduce them to Will and catch up a little. Thank you Rose’s for fitting us into your schedule. After lunch we took advantage of the beautiful weather and walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. You can’t tell from the picture but it was very crowded.

NYC Vacation 09 018

Bill and Will on the Brooklyn Bridge with the Manhattan skyline behind them.

NYC Vacation 09 020

Will and James had a great time playing with each other. Thank you James for sharing all your cool toys with Will!

NYC Vacation 09 024

On Monday we headed to the Central Park Zoo with Desiree and James. Above Will is trying to spot the elusive Snow Leopard. I don’t think it makes much since to have an elusive animal on display but we did see one that was hiding in the corner.

NYC Vacation 09 026

Will at the Polar Bear exhibit.

NYC Vacation 09 029

Will watching the seals play in the water.

NYC Vacation 09 031

Bill and Will checking out the penguins.

NYC Vacation 09 036

James getting a good look at a penguin. Or is it a penguin getting a good look at James?

NYC Vacation 09 039

Fun day at the Central Park Zoo.

NYC Vacation 09 041

Of course, we had to visit Columbia and our old stomping grounds. And we couldn’t leave without a new t-shirt for Amber and Will :)

NYC Vacation 09 042

We took Will to Toys R Us in Times Square. He wanted everything in the store! Just kidding, but he did like looking at the toys.

NYC Vacation 09 043

Bill and Will in the middle of Times Square. We went down because we wanted to see the new “pedestrian mall” we heard about on the news. That was a little disappointing – it was just a bunch of plastic lawn chairs in one block of road that cars don’t drive on.

NYC Vacation 09 047

This is why I call Will a “city slicker” because he was so good! We went almost all day everyday and Will was happy in the stroller and just went to sleep when he got tired. Thank you Javen for letting us borrow your stroller – it was a lifesaver! It is so light that even Amber could carry Will and stroller down the subway steps.

NYC Vacation 09 046

On Monday night we met Ramona to catch up for a few minutes. Will loved her and really wants her to come and visit him. Actually, he would love for all of his NYC friends to come and visit him!

NYC Vacation 09 048

On Tuesday we headed to Books of Wonder the great children’s bookstore on W. 18th. They have lots of book signings there by famous children’s authors. Will got a signed book about penguins since he saw the penguins at the zoo.

NYC Vacation 09 050

For lunch on Tuesday we ate sushi. Yummy! Don’t worry this was just a cucumber roll – no raw fish.

NYC Vacation 09 051

Then, a quick goodbye to Desiree and James. We had a great time!

NYC Vacation 09 053

We love this city!

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7 Responses to “We (heart) NYC!”

  1. Aunt Pam says:

    Great pictures! I think he might be a city slicker, too!!

  2. TKaren says:

    Just remember – NYC – a GREAT place to visit!!! I am so glad you had a wonderful trip and as I’ve said before, Will must be the most photogentic baby around.

  3. Ashlee says:

    So I am so jealous that Will is not even 1 yet and he has been to NYC! It looks like yall had wonderful time! FYI Will really looks like Uncle Bill in some of those pictures! Cant wait til yall come back to town! :)

  4. Julie says:

    Looks like you had a great time catching up with old friends and new!

  5. Great-Gran Mimi says:


  6. Grandmama Sybil says:

    I have to be added to the “Will Fan Club” for I also check almost daily to see and read what is happening with our little family! Glad you had a fun and safe trip. See you soon!

  7. becky says:

    So glad you guys had such a good trip and it was awesome to see you, although we wish we could’ve seen you more…

    Will is even more precious in person. What a sweetheart!

    Come back again soon! :)