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Sweet Boy


Seriously, could anything be more precious?

Yesterday, Will had his 6 month check-up. He is doing great and meeting all of the developmental milestones. He weighed 14 lbs. 13 oz. (10%) and was 50% for height and head circumference. He did not gain as much weight as he should have – at least not at the same rate he had been gaining. But that is easy to remedy – eat more! He loves to eat so that shouldn’t be too big of an issue. Will also had a rash break out on his back this week. It happened after he had carrots for the first time. I didn’t feed him anymore carrots but the rash is still there. Dr.Swarr thinks that it may be eczema. Eczema may also be why his legs are so dry and scaly. So, I am going to pick up an prescription ointment this afternoon to try and clear it up. Will also got another round of shots – he does really well with them. They only seem to affect him for a minute – he screams, whimpers and then I put his clothes back on him and he seems to be over it. All in all a good report.

In other news, Will had some prunes last night and this morning. He has been pooping about every other hour! No more prunes for Will. Seriously, the nastiest, darkest, stinkiest poop ever.

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3 Responses to “Sweet Boy”

  1. Gayle says:

    Will is a most precious little angel. I think he looks great and it won’t be hard to take care of these little issues. Pretty common in infants, I think. Enjoyed seeing the three of you again last weekend. As I said, maybe you should just move to Chattanooga :) since you make so many trips here!!

  2. Great-Gran Mimi says:


  3. Aunt Pam says:

    That is the sweetest picture!!! I just love him to pieces!