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No More Outback….

Well, this week has been interesting to say the least. The week after Thanksgiving, I had this terrible pain in my upper abdomin. I had been lifting Will in and out of the car all day (Christmas shopping) and I thought it may have had something to do with that. That night, the pain was really bad and did not go away so I went to my PCP – they have a walk-in clinic that is open until 8:00 pm. They determined that it was probably just gas! That was embarressing but it made a pretty funny story. And I was so thankful that my PCP was still open and I hadn’t gone to the ER.

Well, I have had this pain 5 or 6 more times since then. And Tuesday night it was THE WORST! I have never been in so much pain. (Reminder: I had a baby 10 weeks ago.) And I repeat: I have never been in so much pain! So, about 11:15 I told Bill that I needed to go the the hospital. So we head to Southern Hills Medical Center because it’s much closer than Williamson and I thought I might die (not literally) before we got to Williamson.

I get checked in to the ER, hooked up to fluids, morphine and anti-nausea medicine. Then they start poking and prodding me. They suspected gallbladder trouble so they do an ultrasound of my abdomen. The doctor comes back and tells me that I have gallstones and sludge. Isn’t that lovely? And that the attack was triggered by the fatty, greasy hamburger I ate for dinner.

At this point, I have met with my PCP and he is referring me to a surgeon. And my PCP is reviewing the ultrasound and official report from the ER. I am expecting a call today to tell me when my appointment with the surgeon is. I will probably have my gallbladder removed in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, I shouldn’t eat anything I like! For example, I love to eat at Outback. But, the Bloomin’ Onion is loaded down in fat and even the vegetables aren’t good for you! Way too much butter. For now I’m stuck eating bland things like applesause and dry toast :( Yuck! I know this might be a bit extreme but I would rather not risk having another attack!

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5 Responses to “No More Outback….”

  1. Samuel says:

    Hey what doctor do you go to? Ironically enough i’ve shared a very similar pain and the latest doctor suggested it was acid reflux…except I don’t really have any symptoms of that! It’s really annoying.

  2. Amber says:

    I go to Dr. Peter Swarr – he’s with Cool Springs Internal Medicine & Pediatrics. And the first time it happened – they thought it was just gas or heartburn.

  3. SYBIL says:

    Amber I just hope you are soon able to return to normal: Having pain is not fun regarless of the source! We are waiting on news and I hope all goes quickly for you so you can return to being a Mommy and playing with Will. All of you are in my prayers!

  4. Amy says:

    My mother and her gallbladder were separated fifteen years ago after a late night trip to the hospital too. I don’t believe she’s ever missed it.

    Glad you got a diagnosis. Sorry that it took more than one doctor.

    In other news… I submitted my Columbia application this week. One down, three to go!

    Send my greetings to Will.

  5. Beth says:

    Amber, I am so sorry for you! I struggled with this pain for about 3 years and finally had my gallbladder removed last March. You will have to be careful with foods after surgery too. I still can’t eat many things. I had a steak two days before New Year’s Eve and was not able to digest it and ended up in the hospital again. I am not trying to scare you…I have some helpful tips for you. Email me at or message me on facebook.