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Happy Birthday Bill!

This week and weekend we have been celebrating Bill’s 25th birthday! Yes, 25th – I know he’s old. On Wednesday the MS & HS offices threw Bill a surprise birthday party. We all brought a potluck lunch and showed up at Bill’s work a.k.a. our house. He was very surprised and excited that we came.

This weekend Bill’s parents came up to celebrate. The highlight of the weekend was the Predators game. We went to the Preds home opener, got a free t-shirt and the Preds won! For his birthday Bill got an electric lawn mower and with his birthday money he bought a new camera, a Nikon D40. I don’t know anything about cameras so I’m sure another post will follow by Bill!

In other news, last weekend I found some great things at the Goodwill 50% off sale. I got this really cute pumpkin bowl. If nothing is in it then it looks like a jack-o-lantern but I put candy in it so it just looks like a pumpkin. I also got 4 Christmas plates. I think I’m going to use them as gifts during Christmas filled with baked cookies. I got the bowl and 4 plates for only……. $1.64! Ah, I’m enjoying my lovely and cheap purchases.

Bill has a been working on a few projects around the house lately. He has been hard at work at work on the yard. He made a new flower bed in the back yard and totally re-did the flower bed in the front yard. It looks really great. The bed in the backyard is done and he needs just a little more mulch to finish the front yard.

Bill has also been teaching PepperAnn some bad habits. The other day I caught the two of them enjoying a cookie in the kitchen – PepperAnn was sitting on the kitchen counter! It was cute so I took a picture. The next morning PepperAnn jumped onto the barstool and licked his breakfast plate clean. Such a bad dog! So, we’re keeping the barstools pushed in from now on :)

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3 Responses to “Happy Birthday Bill!”

  1. SYBIL says:

    You have learned my secret: Goodwill stores! I have found so many really nice things there: Many will even have price tags still on them. As for Pepper Anne on the counter: Spank both the culprits for that! No, No!! Those are nauty children! The yard really looks nice: You’ll enjoy it so much and especially when you have done the work yourselves. It takes about 3 years for all to get in good shape I’ve read. Glad the birthday fellow had such a nice time…TAke care!

  2. Julie says:

    If you need more Christmas plates for gift, I bought about 20 for $1 at Cracker Barrel several years ago and forgot I got them. Of course, yours was the better bargain. The yard looks great in pictures and in person. Don’t be such a bad influence on Pepperann!

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