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PepperAnn has been acting a little funny lately, we started noticing it last week. She has been following Bill around like he is the pied piper and barely paying me any attention at all! Also, she has not been laying in any of her usual places – specifically the couch.

We had a couple of thoughts as to why PepperAnn was behaving so strangly. First, I was at home for most of last week. So, we thought maybe she’s just adjusting to me being at home all day. Second, we haven’t had AC since Friday so we thought maybe she was just hot and uncomfortable. Third, we thought that maybe my hormones were giving off a distinct smell or something and she was preparing for the baby.

But, I think Bill figured it out today. I have taken over PepperAnn’s territory and she is not happy about it! For the past week or so I’ve been sleeping on the couch at night. I’ve been sleeping there for many reasons including: I’m better able to prop up, when I’m propped up I can breathe better, and I can keep the fan on high. Well, the couch is PA’s territory! That is where she always lays – almost all day everyday! But, Bill noticed today that she NEVER lays on the couch anymore. Even at night when Bill and I are sitting on the couch she lays on the floor at our feet and usually she would be laying right on top of us. So, it seems that unbeknownst to me PepperAnn and I had a territory battle – and I obviously won.

Now I feel sorry for her :( First we took away her room (turned it into a nursery) and now I’ve taken away her favorite resting place!

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2 Responses to “PepperAnn”

  1. Karen says:

    Poor, poor PepperAnn!! You’d better make a special place for her or she will want to go live with her “grandparents” again.

  2. SYBIL says:

    What a change this little Pepper Anne is having to go through: She’ll enjoy Will once he’s here and they’ll play together really well I’m sure. She just has to adjust as both of you are going to see once Will makes his entrance! Good Luck to all!