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AC Update

I’m going to put the AC update on babydixon although it’s not directly related to babydixon!

To calm your fears – yes, our air conditioner is still under warranty. Don’t worry we would never pay if we didn’t have to – or be tricked into paying.

My genius husband remembered that we had our window AC from NYC in the garage so today after church he put it in the living room window. It looks a little “redneck” rigged up from the back of the house but it’s keeping us considerably cooler.

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No Responses to “AC Update”

  1. Amy says:

    It’s late. I’m on call. I should be getting whatever sleep is allowed to me this night. Instead, I am doing a mini-research project for my brother, and it led me to a website with several old lullabies. Beautiful songs… not all entirely appropriate… but beautiful. Thought of you. Hope that you are resting comfortably on the sofa and that PepperAnn is forgiving you a little.

  2. Julie says:

    I know your husband is a genius! And I would never think that you would pay for them to fix your ac. You are the person who steals snow from Lowes for their Christmas scene!

  3. becky mason says:

    You must be getting so close to welcoming little “baby dixon” into your sweet family!!! Can’t wait to get the news. We’re praying for you guys out here! Hope all is well :)

  4. Amber says:

    We did not “steal” the snow! We asked if they sold any and they said they were out so I asked if I could have a piece that was around their display trees and they said yes.