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What a Day….

I guess you could call yesterday a pretty bad day. If we were high maintenance or generally uptighgt people it would have been a lot worse so it’s a good thing that we’re so laid back.

I haven’t been to work since Tuesday because I have been sick. It’s just a cold but when you can’t really do anything about it – it really stinks. I feel much better today so I think I’m finally getting over it. I thought I felt better yesterday so I went in to work to get the Sunday morning things ready but only stayed for an hour before coming back home and crawling into bed.

Then, when I was sleeping yesterday afternoon I got really, really hot. I thought it might just be because I was in the bedroom and the afternoon sun was coming in. But in reality, our air conditioner had stopped working! This was about 4:30 – and Bill called the AC company and told them what had happened. The AC had stopped working and even the display was blank. The man from the AC company said that they had a weekend repairman but it was really only for emergencies – would it be ok if they sent someone out Monday? Bill kindly replied, normally that would be fine but I have a very pregnant wife. Before Bill could even finish saying this the AC man said – oh man! I’ll send our guy out this afternoon!

The AC repairman came but he couldn’t fix the problem because they had to order a part. The AC unit is getting electricity but then the circuit board or something is not working. So, we’re without AC until at least Monday :( It wasn’t too bad last night – I got a little warm a couple of times but nothing too uncomfortable.

The bright spot of the evening is that we went and ate dinner at Chili’s! Yum! I convinced Bill that we should go somewhere with AC for dinner and that using the oven would make our house too hot :)

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  1. Julie says:

    Your air conditioner should still be under warranty. If you get to hot go to a hotel like I suggested. There is nothing more miserable than being hot, sick, and pregnant!

  2. Grandmama Sybil says:

    I just hope you are feeling much better and this AC problem doesn’t make you worse. Julie is right on the AC being under warrenty: Tell them you aren’t paying anything!! TAKe care Honey!