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Baby Lunch

Today I had lunch with my friend Diane and her little boy, Javen. Javen is almost 6 months old and a little cutie! Diane and her husband Jake are the same age as Bill and me – so that’s fun to know another couple the same age with a baby. Over lunch we talked all about babies. She was full of good advise and practical tips. We had a good time and Javen provided some fun entertainment. By entertainment, I mean he sat there looking cute and I smiled at him :)

Diane has inspired me! She makes all of Javen’s solid food. So, that is going to be my goal. She said that it is a lot cheaper than buying canned food at the store and super easy. She makes a batch of food once a month and then freezes it in individual servings. Then, all you do is thaw and eat.

Just a few short weeks until Will gets here – I think we’re getting more and more ready every day. The baby furniture is ready to be picked up at Babies R Us – already! They said it would take at least 15 days but it came in 6!

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  1. Grandmama Sybil says:

    Time is going to pass so quickly now for you both: I am happy to hear the bed is there and you’ll be able to get the nursery all ready for our fellow! Can’t wait!