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Vacation 2008

This year for vacation we stayed a couple of days at the camper in Gatlinburg. I tried to get Bill to buy us matching airbrush t-shirts that said “Dixon Family Vacation 2008” but he said no. Can you believe?!?!

We had a great time. We spent our days mostly at the river where PepperAnn thoroughly enjoyed herself. At one point the water got a little deep and the current pretty swift and it carried her a bit down river! She was so funny – dog paddling as fast as she could upstream but getting no where! We also spent some time at the pool, the outlet mall and eating out.

And as Bill informed everyone after my last post – he did find my camera! But, I still can’t upload pictures of our house or vacation because Bill has messed up my computer. I could almost swear that every time Bill touches my laptop it becomes “sick” (as Bill says). So, until I have my personal computer (and not Bill’s work one) I can’t upload any pics.

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4 Responses to “Vacation 2008”

  1. SYBIL says:

    Sounds as if the vacation had some nice times to remember. Wasn’t Pepper Anne cold when she finally got out of the water up there? We will wait for the pictures: We’ll enjoy them once they are on your blog. Grand Daddy said to tell you he would have bought you a shirt if he’d been there with you!! Love and Hugs!!

  2. Beth says:

    Where is Bill’s sense of adventure? Matching airbrushed shirts? Come on man! I hope you get your computer fixed soon so that you can post more pictures! I am excited to see them!

  3. julie says:

    Bill is supposed to be the computer fixer not tearer up!

  4. Dana Regg says:

    Hm… Jonathan claims everytime I touch his laptop it gets “sick” as well… what do you know something else we have in common haha