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Moving and Grooving

I have been able to feel Will moving around for about the past week! It’s fun and a bit weird. We can even see my belly moving and Bill has been able to feel him a couple of times. I can’t wait for PepperAnn to be laying on my lap and Will give her a big kick :)

I had another check up yesterday and it went well. They just checked his heartbeat and it sounded good. I go again in 3 weeks and they will check for diabetes. Then, I start going every 2 weeks because I will be 28 weeks along.

Last night we went to Babies R Us and registered for a few more things but we still don’t really know what we need! We stared at bottles and stuff like that for about 20 minutes before moving on to things we understand better.

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  1. Beth says:

    Can you post a picture of you so that we can see you with a belly? :)