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Mini Staycation

This week I have taken a few days of staycation. It has been really nice and relaxing. This weekend my Dad played softball in the Senior Olympics – it was fun to watch even though they didn’t win a gold medal. After the tournament, my Mom stayed over for a few days.

Monday I worked 1/2 a day then we went browsing in Green Hills. Tuesday we went swimming at the Williamson County Parks and Recreation pool. Today I am just watching TV and maybe putting together a hutch for our desk.

In the past month we have bought an insane amount of things for our house. It has been a lot of fun! In the office/guest room we now have a daybed with a trundle and a desk for Bill to work at. It took over 2 hours for us to put the desk together! But, it looks really nice. Now we just have to put together the hutch. The bed is ready for 1 guest because we have to find a mattress to fit the trundle.

In the living room, we have a new addition – a piano. Thank you to Pam for giving us her piano! It looks so great in our living room. And thanks to my parents who brought the piano over Monteagle. Now our living room is about complete.

We also got some dining room chairs – but no table yet. The table we want is from West Elm and it is on back order.

We have also gotten rid of a few pieces this weekend. Since we’re getting a new table we donated our old one to Goodwill. It was a little sad because that table was the first thing we ever bought together and it has been a lot of places with us. We also sold our green loveseat that we bought in NYC. We really liked it but it just didn’t fit with the rest of the things in our house. The only room it matched was the master bedroom and it didn’t fit in the space.

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2 Responses to “Mini Staycation”

  1. SYBIL says:

    How exciting for you as you turn the house into “home” and find the things you both like for furnishing. You’ll always be glad you have the piano: That was so nice of Pam and your parents for the gift and the delivery! Not easy I know! The days with your Mom and your adventures were good for both of you. Will be anxious to visit someday and see the DIXON HOME!

  2. Beth says:

    You should post pictures of the inside of your house with all your new stuff…I guess once you get your table. How fun! I love shopping for new furniture and things.