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Nursery Theme Ideas

We are thinking that Will’s nursery will be a PepperAnn theme! I know, it is a bit ridiculous to theme your baby’s nursery after your dog – but remember, PA is my first love (I mean, second love)! We’ve looked at about 1 million crib bedding sets and just don’t love any of them – some of them are just too much theme! So, we’re thinking of doing something really creative with paint on the walls (stripes, dots, etc.) then having a puppy theme with pictures of PepperAnn, and basic color bedding.

The second plan is to hit the lottery jackpot and get the bedding from Restoration Hardware. It’s so precious but ridiculously expensive.

Any thoughts, comments, or suggestions on our puppy theme?

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  1. Karen says:

    I love the idea! So many of the themed sets are just too “cutesy”. I think I would get tired of them quickly. With what you are talking about, it would be easy to change out to something else later. If you want to do something different (and pretty easy), check out this web site for an unusual wall paper idea(s). This is what I’ve just completed in one of our bedrooms. It was very easy, though it did take some time. If you do decide to go with the puppy theme, you could add pictures of dogs that you had as children — like a picture of the dog Bill had growing up – or even better, a picture of Bill as a child with the dog. I’m sure you have a similiar picture of you with your childhood pet. As I’ve told you before, don’t get me started on decorating ideas because I go CRAZY!!!

  2. Karen says:

    I went to the Restoration site — did you notice in one of the displays, the blanket name is “William”? May be a sign!!!

  3. Aunt Pam says:

    I like that idea. You could get someone to paint a mural on one of the walls (with a Pepper Ann theme.) I’ve seen this in children’s rooms before and it is really cool! I’m sure whatever you do will look great!

  4. Julie says:

    At Labby Lane they have huge prints of their cats on canvas. They are beautiful. The last time I was there she told me where she took the photos in town to have them made. Then once they are on canvas, you put them on a wooden frame like your Dominican print.

    It doesn’t surprise me at all that your baby’s nursery will be unique and of a kind!

  5. Grandmama Sybil says:

    I like the idea: As all the others have commented, anything you two decide to do will be creative and cute. After all, Will is the center of attention and nothing will be cuter than he will be. IT will be an interesting room to see.