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What’s Going On

These days we are up to our ears in packed boxes. It feels like we keep packing, packing, packing and haven’t hardly made a dent. But, I know that is not true – the biggest thing we have left is the small kitchen appliances. Our apartment looks like a  disaster zone  but I think it just gets worse before it gets better.

When I’m not packing I have been busy sending out resumes. I think I’ve sent out 5 or 6 this week. They are all for jobs that I would really enjoy. So, hopefully I’ll be hearing from some of them soon. One of the jobs said they planned to start interviewing next week!

Graduation is Monday – so we have a fun weekend ahead of us with my parents :)

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7 Responses to “What’s Going On”

  1. Gayle says:

    I don’t envy you at all but you should be a pro at this by now. . I know you will have fun this weekend. Once again, we want you to know how proud we are of you and wish we could be there. Can’t wait to see you next week.

  2. Julie says:

    Fun! Fun! Fun!….maybe we should have gotten a motel room!

  3. Beth says:

    Good luck with the packing…that is no fun at all! I like the unpacking part though :) you’ll have fun organizing the new house! I hope you get an interview soon!

  4. SYBIL says:

    First of all: Congratulations as you have finished a year and will graduate!!!!!! Don’t worry about those boxes: Means you have “stuff” and that’s a good thing!! We are all so excited for the move and will be happy knowing you’re back in TN. Good luck on the job hunt: I know God will open that door for you Angel! See you soon!

  5. Aunt Pam says:

    I’m glad most of your packing is done. The most fun will be unpacking and setting up our new home!! Congratulations on your graduation. What an accomplishment!!!! I know thaat you, Bill and your parents will have a really fun weekend. How proud they must be of you!!!

  6. Mimi says:

    Hopefully, you won’t have to move again. i’m so proud of you all. I know you will have fun with Mommy. If you read this while she is there. Tell her she better not any more Krystals “cause i lost two more pounds this week. HaHa.
    Say hey to Bill and Baby Dixon.
    Love you, Mimi

  7. Diane says:

    It was so good to see you guys last night! Can’t wait to hear your good news! Glad you’re back. :)