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Babydixon is getting a new zip code

This announcement will come as big as a surprise as Amber being pregnant for some. After several weeks of thinking, praying, and making lists of pros and cons, Amber and I have decided to move back to Nashville. We have loved our time in NYC and have made some wonderful friends. It has been a dream come true for both of us, but living in the city is quite difficult at times and is very expensive. I can only imagine it would be more difficult and more expensive with a baby.

Our most significant reason for not leaving the city was because of the great job I have at GCI and the benefits that go along with it. A couple of weeks ago I began to talk to the senior staff at work to see if working remotely from Nashville was a possibility. They have agreed to let me work remotely. The process was too simple, which helped confirm to me that moving was the right thing to do. I will work from home and about once a month GCI will fly me to NYC to work for 3 or 4 days so I can stay connected with my team. This job setup will truly be a dream for me. I have always wanted to work from home and get to travel. I must say, GCI is truly a great company to work for. Also I’m sure there will be times when Amber can tag along with me and we can make a long weekend out of a business trip so we can still see our friends in the city.

Amber is very excited to be moving and has already begun to look for jobs in the Nashville area. She has lots of contacts that work for the state and nonprofits so I think she will be able to find a great job. She’s also looking forward to trips to Walmart again, where she can find anything she could possibly want.

Again, we’re going to miss the friends we have made and our church, but we are both super excited about being close to family again, owning a house, and living out our next round of dreams. One of the things I’m personally most excited about is being able to landscape my yard and getting my hands dirty.

We’ll be moving at the end of May, so if you were planning to visit us and you still really want to come, just pick a weekend in the next 2 months and let us know. We’ll be glad to host you.

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  1. Grandmama Sybil says:

    WELL, Daddy Bill and I are just too thrilled about this latest news than you could possibly know!! The memories of your time in NYC will always be an important and thrilling time for you both. It will be a wonderful milestone to begin a new family and wonderful work situations closer to family and friends! GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU !

  2. Karen says:

    YES, YES, YES!!!!! . I know I told you – you would have to move back before the baby learned to talk so he would have the correct accent – but I didn’t think you would take my advice so soon!! (ha, ha). Seriously, I am so THRILLED. It will be wonderful to have you that close once again. Nashville will seem like just around the corner after this time in NYC.

    In looking back over the past few years, one can truly see God’s hand in your life and now for you to be able to move closer to home and for Bill to be able to continue in a job he loves is just one more sign of a prayer being answered. Our family is truly blessed by His love.

  3. becky mason says:

    We will be sad to see you leave NYC but are excited for what the future holds for your family! Congratulations!

    becky :)

  4. Gayle says:

    When I found out that GCI would allow you to work remotely and that you and Amber would be moving to Nashville, I almost couldn’t believe it. I have witnessed how God has worked out every detail of His plans for the two of you and it has given me such “peace”. I am so thankful that Amber was accepted to Columbia and that you all have had such wonderful experiences in NYC. You found a great company to work for and it seems they are impressed with your work too!! We are so thrilled that you and Amber will be so close to family and that you will be able to have your own home. And we can come see baby dixon lots!! It is going to so wonderful to have you both back home. We love you so much!!

  5. Julie says:

    I am so thrilled that you will be moving closer to home. As I have shared with others the wonderful news, I am more convinced than ever that God definitely has His hand in your lives. How awesome that the request would be so readliy granted in Bill’s job. now we begin pryaing for your house hunt.

  6. Eric Lackey says:

    Hey Guys, congratulations. I just heard the news. We were talking about you guys in SS because someone heard you were moving back. We’re looking forward to seeing you again.