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I have gone on a boycott. It is no fun to write a blog and no one comment on it! Now, I’m not saying that every single person should comment every single time – but come on – at least one person comment on each post!! So, until I receive a comment – there will be no more blogging.

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5 Responses to “NO COMMENTS!”

  1. Gayle says:

    Please don’t stop writing. It is so much fun to go to the tiny worm big apple site and see what you have written. You are our lifeline to what is going on in your lives. And we love the pictures too.

  2. Faithful reader says:

    Do not go on a boycott. I enjoy reading and seeing what’s going on in New York.

  3. Julie says:

    What a grouch! It is not like I don’t email you or talk on the phone! But honestly I do enjoy the blog and pictures. You do a great job of informing us of your life.

    Roosevelt Island looks a little like Ellis Island. Are you sure you can live there?

  4. Amy says:

    Don’t be silly. Your blog is an important part of my incredibly necessary entertainment regimen while I wait on foster parents, agencies, and overworked case managers to call me back, so that I can place children somewhere other than under bridges. I have you in Google Reader for heaven’s sake! Of course we are reading, and I suppose if you require comments, I can make a more concerted effort to comment.
    Please don’t boycott.

  5. SYBIL says:

    We love Blogging and will be terribly upset if it EVER STOPS! Hope to always know what is going on with the two of you by this one-step does it all for all of the many people who love you and want to stay up on your adventures and working achievements.