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Another Fun Weekend

This weekend was a good one. On Saturday we were very lazy! About 4 we decided that we decided that we should get out of the apartment so we went window shopping. All the stores have out their Spring fashions but it was too cold to even think about short sleeves! It was fun and I can’t wait to spend my Christmas gift cards on Spring clothes!

Today we went to church – it was nice to get back in our normal meeting place. Last week we were out of town and the week before we were at DeWitt Nursing Home. Bill and I are going to be “apprentices” in our Community Group meaning we are going to be leaders in training. Then, if we are needed we can lead a community group at our apartment. After church we went to a leader training. I am very excited about being an apprentice.

Tonight we had dinner with our neighbors. It was nice. They moved in a few weeks after we did. He is in a 5 year doctorate program and she is working for an NGO. He is from Ohio and she is from Colombia. She fixed food and it was delicious! There was salad, rice and spicy chicken. Even Bill ate it – which is a feat for him to try something so new. I hope we can get together with them more often.

This week school starts again for me. So, now I will have full weeks. But I graduate in 15 short weeks – May 19! Bill has been working a lot lately but even made some money on the side editing videos. Hopefully, he will get home sooner than 9 this week! He is working hard but enjoying every minute of it!

We are looking forward to people coming to visit soon! Tori will be here in February, our friend Tiffany from Jackson in March, I’m going to meet my Mom in Ft. Lauderdale for Spring Break, my best friend Megan in April and Dana this summer!!! We need to figure out when Pam is going to come and visit and when we are going to see Bill and Gayle again!!

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4 Responses to “Another Fun Weekend”

  1. Aunt Pam says:

    What is a Community Group? Is that kind of like Sunday School, or is it the Church service?

  2. ambrdxn says:

    Community Group is like Sunday School. Our CG meets on Wednesday nights but there are groups all over the city that met everyday of the week. Usually they all cover different topics or books but this “semester” we are all covering the sermon that is preached each Sunday.

    Funny Story: At the meeting on Sunday a girl asked if we had been part of a “Community Group” in Tennessee and we said yes, but we call it Sunday School. She laughed! Like it was the funniest thing she had ever heard!

  3. Julie says:

    What is an NGO? Did she speak fluent English? Are you going to fix an authentic southern dinner for them next?

  4. ambrdxn says:

    NGO: Non governmental organization
    There are a lot of NGO’s that work with the United Nations but it can be anything – AAA Women’s Services, March of Dimes, etc. Any non-profit group that is not associated with a government.