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We Are Getting Good At This!

Tonight Bill and I were marveling at how settled and adjusted we are here. In just over two months our apartment is totally put together, decorated and functioning, we have jobs, a church and friends! When we moved to Nashville we didn’t unpack a lot of our stuff, went to a different church every week for like 6 months and couldn’t tell you our neighbors names. It probably helps that we only brought 1/4 of our stuff.

But, we are loving it here! This week we are going to see CURTAINS, the musical with the free tickets I won. I have my first major paper due this week but school is going great. My internship is good too. Bill loves his job! He enjoys g0ing to work each day so much that sometimes it is hard to get him to come home!

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One Response to “We Are Getting Good At This!”

  1. Aunt Pam says:

    I’m glad everything is going great for you two. What an exciting time in your life! Keep making the most of it! Love you.