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Fun Filled Saturday and Other Fun Stuff


I am learning how to knit! And it’s harder than I thought! So far, I can “cast on” and do a “knit” stitch. One of the beginner books said to practice the knit stich by making a scarf – so that’s what I am working on now! From the picture you can tell I haven’t gotten very far but it is coming along nicely. If it’s pretty on Sunday I am going to take my knitting to Central Park! Thank you Karen for all the wonderful supplies!

We had a cockroach in our apartment this week. It was HUGE and LOUNGING on our ottoman! It was so gross! Bill caught it and flushed it. My hypothesis is that the people who live below us are nasty because when they signed up for the “bug man”they wrote that they had big cockroaches.

Bill’s interview went very well on Thursday. He took them samples of his work on Friday so hopefully he will hear back from them sometime next week!

Today our church had a block party at John Jay Park on the Upper East Side. We had crafts, face painting, free food, music and games. It was a lot of fun. Besides people from Apostles there were several “missions” teams there to help from Atlanta, Texas and Knoxville. The team from Tennessee were a clown ministry – they were a lot of fun. One of the clowns was J.T. Kirkpatrick’s mother -in – law. Such a small world we live in.

┬áThere was also a street fair on Broadway today – they are my favorite. I just like looking at all the “junk”. And we had chicken on a stick and a funnel cake -yum!

It was chilly here today. We wore blue jeans and t-shirts and were cold!

“Military” style hats are very in style here – so OF COURSE I wanted one. Yesterday, we looked in about 50 stores trying to find one that I liked and didn’t cost more than $20. (J. Crew’s cost about $60!) I had no luck in finding the perfect one. But, Bill had a brilliant idea. Since it was a “military” style hat they would probably have them in an Army Surplus store. Sure enough he was right! This morning I got the perfect hat for only $6! What a bargain and so in style! (Picture to come later of me in my stylish hat!)

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2 Responses to “Fun Filled Saturday and Other Fun Stuff”

  1. SYBIL says:

    Looks as if we’ll have another knitter in the family at the rate you’re catching on Sweetie. It’s a wonderful way to relax: You get that knitting going and nothing else matters! Good thinking on the source for the hat… You’ll need both the scarf and the hat this Winter there in N.Y. COLD!!!

  2. Karen says:

    WOW!!! I am totally impressed. Looks like you are doing fantastic with the needles. You will also find another great use for the needles — prodding husbands when needed. When you get ready for more yarn — remember I have a “stash” you are welcome to raid. Later, if you are looking for a pattern, check with me because I also have a ton of patterns and ideas. As for the hat — I can’t wait to see the picture. Love Ya!!