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One Week Down – Thirteen To Go…

…of fall semester.

I have finished my first “real” week of graduate school. No sleepless nights or homework nightmares – yet. I am taking three classes – Economics, Policy Practice and Aging. Then I have a 3 day a week internship at the Social Work Leadership Institute at the New York Academy of Medicine. The internship doesn’t start until September 17 so the first two weeks are like “phase-in”. My classes seem like they are going to be very interesting and very challenging. My smallest class has 20 people and the largest class about 50.

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One Response to “One Week Down – Thirteen To Go…”

  1. SYBIL says:

    WOW! So proud of you and the way things are going for you Honey. I may not be able to help in Economics, but I can help you in the “Aging” subject! I’m Doing that quickly!!!! As the years pass, I’d say the time goes by at the speed of sound…Gone before you know it! ENJOY WHILE YOU’RE YOUNG!!