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On Friday Bill and I rode the Staten Island Ferry. It was fun and you got a great view of the Statue of Liberty. Much better than the view from Battery Park. There were a lot of tourist riding the ferry (it was the¬†middle of the day). Lots of them were asking questions like “Where do I buy tickets for the ride?”, “How long do you have to wait in line to ride?” It was funny. I don’t think a lot of poeple realize that the ferry is the main way people who live on Staten Island get to Manhattan (there is no subway or bridge) and that the ferry is free. I had a great idea that Bill and I should dress in suits and sell “tickets” to the ferry. Just if people asked us about the costs. We wouldn’t say it was mandatory to ride – and then I began to think of what I laws I would be breaking and decided it probably wasn’t a good idea. But, probably one that could have made us quiet a bit of money.

On Saturday we explored SoHo and Greenwich Village. These two areas were very “hip” and had lots of unique stores and restuarants. Bill had read about a restaurant online that is called “Waverly Inn” that is in Greenwich Village that required a reservation but it has no listed phone number. We found it and if you didn’t know if was a restaurant from the outside you would think it was just another apartment building. We also stumbled across a “set”. There were a group of people and they were videoing this girl dumping a Coke over a guy’s head. The director yelled “cut” and everyone broke into applause. It was a pretty elaborate set up so maybe it’s going to be the next Coke commercial or something.

Probably the best discovery thus far has been It’s an online grocery store. You pick out everything you want from their extensive website and they deliver to your apartment the next day! We used it and it was wonderful! I have hated going to the market practically every other day. It seemed like we were always out of food since you can only carry so much. Plus, their prices are the same as the corner market and sometimes even cheaper. This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship!

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2 Responses to “Discoveries”

  1. SYBIL says:

    You two are really getting a lot done and exploring all the places we hear about through the years. I know you have to really appreciate the grocery delivery! That has to be THE GREATEST! Keep up the good writings….We loved talking with you on the CAM the other day.

  2. Julie says:

    I want my groceries delivered!