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A Weekend Trip Out of the Country


This weekend was interesting and fun. We set out Friday, in the rain, to see the United Nations and the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). At first it was just a drizzling rain and we thought it was going to stop soon but by the time we got to the subway station it was pouring down. We start down the steps and the next thing I know my legs are in the air, butt is on the ground and the umbrella is in a weird position. We had to turn around and go home because I was soaked all the way through and had a sore butt and back. We vowed to never go anywhere when it is raining again! At least if we don’t have to! Oh, and I should mention that I almost fainted on a “field trip” Thursday. My class went to the Lower East Side Tenement Museum which was very interesting but very hot and I think I was a little dehydrated.

But, anyway – Friday night we ventured out again. We went to the Target Free Friday at the MoMA. It was very crowded – since it was free admission. I don’t get art. There was a special exhibit and it was big things of steel, wood and rubber laying around. I almost stepped on the first exhibit because I thought it was part of the floor! It was neat to see all the famous paintings like Van Gogh’s “The Starry Night” , Picasso and Monet’s “Water Lilies”. Bill’s favorite exhibit was “50 Years of Helvetica.” Helvetica is a type of font and the exhibit told its history and showed all the things that use that font.

Saturday we made our last trip to IKEA, hopefully! The IKEA in Elizabeth, NJ has a free shuttle from the Port Authority so we took that. We got a lot of things we needed – like some drawers! We also got a round bedside table and a bookcase. IKEA is so huge and crazy and crowded! Our stuff will be delivered this Wednesday and finally we will be able to finish unpacking.

Today we went to The Apostles Church. They meet on the Upper East Side in the Doubletree Hotel. Very close to the Waldorf Astoria! Bill had emailed and talked to their preacher (JR) before we moved up here. It took us longer to get there than we had estimated so we missed all of the music. We liked it and I think we’re going back next week.

We had a very busy Sunday! After church we ate at TGI Friday’s in Midtown¬†– Thanks Dad! Then walked a few streets over to a street fair. They had all kinds of stuff for sale – food, smoothies, jewelry, t-shirts, everything! For very cheap. We then hopped on the bus and went to the United Nations.

The United Nations is actually not part of the United States so we were, technically, out of the country! We went on the tour and got to see all the different meeting rooms including the Security Counsel and the General Asssembly. It was a very neat and informative afternoon.

We had a very busy and fun weekend!

On another note, I’m trying to get pictures linked to my blog! Right now I think the only picture that will show up is of me and my PawPaw at our graduation party. I used that one as a test! As soon as I find my computer cable I’ll post pics of NYC!

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