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NYC Apartment

Our NYC apartment is slowly but surely coming together. We got a mattress and box springs last week and it is really nice not to be sleeping on an air mattress. We found a really great headboard on the sidewalk – out with the trash! It’s perfect and the best part it was totally FREE! We got several under the bed storage boxes and made shelves in our closets but we’re thinking of getting a chest of drawers.

Our loveseat is being delivered tomorrow! It’s really an oversized sofa chair. It folds out into a twin size bed. It also comes with a storage ottoman which will be really great! It will be so nice to have a comfortable place to sit in the living room area! The chair is very soft and pretty – it’s light sage green microfiber.

When we have everything organized and presentable I’ll post some pictures!

¬†On a totally seperate note – we went to a church this Sunday called The Journey. It was interesting! During the “decision” time they sang Carrie Underwood’s “Wasted”! They have a different preacher preach each Sunday and meet in a concert room near Madison Square Garden. Next week we are going to try the Apostles Church.

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3 Responses to “NYC Apartment”

  1. SYBIL says:

    We am so excited to have the chance to know how things are going with you and Bill. It sounds as if you’re getting into the groove with the New York way of life. Great to hear how things are different there from the way we know them. Of course we are thrilled you’re trying to “keep the faith” and find your place in a church there. That is your real lifeline!!Our prayers are always following you!

  2. SYBIL DIXON says:

    We are so excited to hear how things are going: Sounds great! Do keep your site postings as often as possible. We are loving it.

  3. Karen says:

    I am enjoying your blog. The name is wonderful, very creative!

    I love your headboard story. The people in Florida also put perfectly good “stuff” out for the trash. Bobby & I learned trash day is on Tuesdays, so on Monday evenings, we would cruise the neighborhoods looking for things. We found some boat parts he needed, a new counter-top which had been cut too short as well as several other “prizes”. We really enjoyed our weekly scavenger hunts!

    Please keep posting to your blog — it is fun to see what you & Bill are doing.