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New York City

So, obviously I’m not very good at keeping up with my blog. I have a lot to say – so much has happened! We had a great summer vacation in the Dominican Republic and Florida then we made the big move to New York City!

Bill and my Dad drove the U-haul truck from Chattanooga to New York City. The drive was about 13 hours and they did it in two days. My Mom and I flew up on Thursday, July 26. When we all got to the city we walked around Columbia’s campus, checked out our apartment building and ate dinner.

The next day was move in day! Bill and I took the bus/train into the city and signed the lease. My Mom and Dad drove the U-haul in and that was an adventure! They got on the lower George Washington Bridge but only cars are allowed on that bridge so the police had to escort them across three lanes of traffic to get off! When they finally got into the city they got a little lost and ended up on 172nd street. All of a sudden behind them two cars had a huge collision – a man jumped out of one of the cars and started shooting! My Mom said it was just like something you would see on TV. My Dad was staring at it all from the truck’s mirrors and my Mom was screaming – “Let’s get out of here!”.  After all the excitement they got to our street safely.

Then we had to start the task of getting all of our stuff up to our 4th floor apartment! It about killed us but we did it!

The rest of the weekend we did tourist things – Statue of Liberty, Chinatown, Empire State Building, Macy’s, Met’s game!

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