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Wow! I can’t believe that June is half way over! It seems like New York is coming really soon but at the same time it feels forever away. I only have 9 days of work left – Hallelujah! I hope I can survive the last 9 days – it has been stressful lately.ny-apt.jpg We got housing from Columbia. This picture kind of looks like the outside of building. We were assigned a one bedroom apartment at 530 West 122nd Street, NY, NY 10027. If you put the address into Google Maps and click street view you can see our apartment building. I also got my field placement assignment. I will be working at the Social Work Leadership Institute at the New York Academy of Medicine. The SWLI funnels grant money, holds conferences and trainings, does policy research and publishes research findings on the care of the aging population. We are all ready to go!

Since our yard sale Bill has sold our bedroom furniture, desk and TV. So, we’ve been sleeping on an air mattress for a week and all our clothes are in boxes. Not the most comfortable way to live but I’m so glad we sold it.

This Friday we pack up all our stuff and move in to Chattanooga. We never do anything the easy way! We have to move to Chattanooga, live there a few weeks and then move to New York City. July will fly by and we will be New Yorkers before we know it!

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