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Yard Sale

We had a yard sale this weekend to get rid of our extra stuff. We were able to sell a bookcase, white storage system, clothes, lots of little things and two pieces of our bedroom furniture. So, we had a pretty good day! We still need to sell the rest our bedroom furniture.

I got an email from Columbia Housing last week saying that housing assignments would be handed out the week of May 21, so I’ll probably be obsessively checking my email this week. I also spoke to the field education coordinator about my internship for the year. She gave me three choices of what she considered to be the three top choices. They are the Social Work Leadership Institute, The New York Department of Aging and the Alzheimer’s Research Lab, so I’m researching my options and am suppose to call her back this week. So, a lot of questions should be answered this week concerning school and housing. Now we just need some boxes so we can start packing up our stuff.

Bill and I realized today that we will only be at our church for 4 more Sunday’s. It was a sad realization. We have loved being in Franklin and a part of ClearView. We are really going to miss our Sunday School class and Chris and Faith. Bill and I were talking about how we have never left somewhere and been sad about it. We really “put down roots” here and made a life for ourselves. We are really going to miss it here.

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