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Lucas’ First Haircut

IMG_2649A few weeks ago Lucas got his first haircut. And he was NOT a fan. He started crying as soon as I sat him up in the booster chair, then he would calm down, then start crying and finally we gave him a sucker which seemed to calm him down. But while he may not have enjoyed the process he looked super cute afterwards! And of course, he received his first haircut certificate from the East Ridge Barber Shop.




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2 Years Later

   IMG_2544 Thomas, Bill, Will, Amber & Lucas

Wow. Where has the time gone? It has been way too long since I have written on the blog and I hope to make it a more regular habit again. {I would probably have less Facebook posts if I just held all my thoughts inside and wrote it down on the blog instead!} So let’s start out with an update on all things Dixon.

We are still living in Chattanooga – almost 4 year now! That is the record for the longest we have lived anywhere. You know we are itching for a change and our house is currently for sale. Check it out on Zillow.


In just a few short weeks Will is going to be 7 years old! I am in complete denial and have told him that he is not allowed to turn 7. He let me know that even if I did not give him a birthday party then he would still turn 7. Will loves playing Lego’s, Chima, and Star Wars. He is in the 1st grade and his favorite school work is handwriting. He is taking piano lessons and wants to learn how to play tennis. He has a nervous habit of licking his chin, loves going to the Y school, frustrates me beyond belief and is the best big brother I have ever seen.


Thom. Thom. Although the only person allowed to call him that is Lucas! Thomas is almost 5 years old and is a constant source of entertainment. He loves playing Lego’s, Chima, and the Very Hungry Caterpillar. He loves to eat candy and Popsicles and would eat junk food all day long. Thomas likes playing with his friends at Mother’s Day Out, climbing in his climbing tree, and playing soccer. He is in PreK and he likes everything about school. Thomas loves potty humor, has an infectious giggle and is the most determined and patient kid when he is trying to figure out how to do something all by himself.


Lucas is 17 months old and is the cutest baby I’ve ever seen yet mean as a snake! He is constantly laughing, imitating his brothers and trying to break up their Lego creations. He loves to talk, has just started walking and is a true joy. Except for when he is hitting his friends at Mother’s Day Out or the church nursery and having to sit in time out.


Bill is still working at “the Blue Cross” as the boys call it. He is enjoying his work and working hard to make all their consumer tools the best they can be.

HKLTlogoCMYKAnd because I might be crazy I am also working! I am having a blast working for H&K Luxury Travel.

So that is an update on us and life. It is definitely NEVER boring with 3 boys, homeschool, work, church and sports!

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Will’s 5 Year Old Trip: Gatlinburg


One of the things we would like to do with each of our children is take them on special trips by themselves when they are 5, 10 & 15 years old. The plan is when you are 5 you get to pick anywhere in the state, 10 anywhere in the country and 15 anywhere in the world. For Will’s 5 year old trip he picked Gatlinburg so he could try ice skating and snow tubing.

photo(34) - CopyWe took Will on his 5 year old trip back in January and he was SO excited! It was special to have the one on one time with him but he missed Thomas and Thomas did not understand why Will wasn’t going to Honey’s house with him.

photo(35) - CopyThe kid is crazy. We made a pit stop at a McD’s and had to get a snack of a chocolate milkshake and french fries.


photo(36) - CopyWe stayed at the Park Vista in Gatlinburg and it was a really nice place to stay.


photo(42) - Copy

photo(40) - Copy

photo(28) - Copy

IMG_0868 - Copy

Will’s absolute favorite part of the whole trip was the awesome indoor swimming pool with 2 water slides at the hotel! He would have been perfectly content to do nothing else except swim the entire weekend.

photo(38) - Copy

photo(39) - Copy

photo(37) - CopyThe first afternoon we jumped on the bed, ate pizza, saw The Avengers on the “strip” and played Lego’s.

photo(53) - Copy

photo(54) - Copy


photo(61) - Copy

photo(50) - Copy

photo(46) - Copy

photo(49) - CopyOn Saturday we spent the day at Ober Gatlinburg, made a quick stop at the outlet mall and ate dinner with Mimi, PawPaw, Kalah, Joel & Joel’s parents at the Apple Barn. Will won a bunch of tickets at the arcade and picked out paper airplanes (one for him and one for Thomas), a baseball fan and candy.

Before the trip, all Will talked about was trying to ice skate but then he decided that he didn’t want to try it, and then changed his mind again. He and Bill got out on the ice, made it one time around the rink and they were finished. Will yelled up at me, “Mommy, this is not fun at all!”

Finally, it was time to snow tube! Will (and Bill) enjoyed this the most. It was fun to watch them slide down the hill and worth the wait to see how much fun they had doing it!


photo(44) - Copy


photo(77)The last morning we ate donuts, went swimming (of course!) and took a few pictures before heading home. We had such a good time and can’t wait to continue this tradition with the rest of the boys. We also have to learn what is in the United States and what isn’t since Will either wants to go to Mexico or China for his 10 year old trip :)


The Day the Bottom Fell Out

It was beautiful a couple of days ago, so all the boys and I were out in the front yard playing. I had big baby strapped close to me in the baby carrier and was having the best time watching the older boys kick the soccer ball and dig in the dirt. That’s when it happened. The bottom fell out. Literally.

photo(89)Take a minute to close your eyes and imagine the scene. I am sitting in the front yard with big baby strapped to me, my bottom is on the ground and my legs are in the air. I currently have no abdominal muscles to help hoist me up. The boys decide they are going to “help” me and each grab an arm and start pulling. At this point we are all 3 rolling with laughter. The only thing I can think to do is take Lucas out of the baby carrier and lay him on the ground. So, my 1 week old is laying in the grass, the dog is sniffing him, the boys are laughing and I have to tip the chair over to the side and dump myself out of it.

Thankfully, nothing was hurt except maybe my pride. Lucas was unfazed. And the rest of the day, the boys kept looking at the broker chair and saying, “Daddy is going to be so mad at you!.” But he wasn’t mad – although he did get a good laugh at my expense.




Happy Birthday Lucas!



Lucas Barrett Dixon

April 22, 2014

10 lbs. 4 oz.

21 1/4 inches

6:16 pm


Last Tuesday, I went to my scheduled OB appointment and due to several factors Dr. Barker said it was time for Lucas to be born. (I had heard from several sources that Dr. Barker is very conservative when it comes to inducing and C-sections so when he said I didn’t need to wait longer, I fully trusted his judgment.)  He said he would schedule it for Wednesday morning and I asked if we could do it Tuesday instead! There was a bed available at the hospital so I went and picked up Bill from work and we headed to the hospital to have a baby!


This was my first time for labor to be induced and it was SO different than when the boys were born. They were born so fast after we got to the hospital that it all seemed a bit chaotic. But with Lucas they started the induction at 12:15, I had plenty of time to get an epidural and for it to take effect, and then he was born at 6:16 pm. It was a very calm afternoon – Bill even took a nap! Each of my boys have been delivered by a different doctor and I love how different yet good they have all been.


After we were moved to our room we had a lot of visitors – eager to meet Lucas!



Big Brothers were absolutely ecstatic to meet him! The first time Will saw him he said, “Hi Lucas, I’m your big brother.” And Thomas just wanted to hold him and feed him. He kept grabbing at him when everybody else was holding him.

DSC_9027 DSC_9031 DSC_9041 DSC_9042

Nonny, Honey, PawPaw & Papa each had their turn.

DSC_9035 DSC_9057 DSC_9059 DSC_9063 DSC_9073

Aunts and cousins!

DSC_9056 DSC_9047 DSC_9046 DSC_9044 DSC_9043photo(88)

And all the greats!


Our doctors gave us the all clear to leave the hospital at 24 hours and we were all ready to get home! It’s hard to get any rest when they have to check in on you or the baby about every hour around the clock. We put Lucas in his carseat and we quickly realized that a 10 lb. baby does not need the newborn insert! We also had to “squeeze” him into the newborn outfit I had brought to the hospital and lets just say the newborn cap looked like it was made for a mouse compared his head :)

We are all so in love with our new little brother!


Mom Monday: Babies

photo 1

This weekend my Mom was kind enough to chauffeur me to Nashville for my friend, Megan’s, baby shower. We have been friends for 10 YEARS!! I just had to count up the years and I can’t believe it, 10 years! We were roommates at Union. Megan and Ben are expecting their first baby, Evelyn, and we are due just a week apart from each other. We have now declared it a race to see who will have their baby first – although we’re both hoping for full term babies. The crazy thing is both babies have to 2 vessels instead of the normal 3 so it have been nice having a friend to talk with about what that means and how it affects the pregnancy. Megan’s baby, Evelyn, is giving her a harder time than Lucas is giving me though.

She got so many cute things for her nursery and of course, clothes! It is always fun to buy baby girl clothes since I don’t get the chance very often. And just so everyone knows – Will has already claimed Evelyn for his future bride and has declared that if anyone else wants to marry her, he will fight them and punch them in the face!




Mom Monday: 3 Steps to Fake a Clean House

1. Buy cleaning products & a candle that smell the same.

(I use Mrs. Meyer’s Lemon Verbena all-purpose cleaners & this weekend bought a Limoncello candle from Bath & Body Works.)

02_APC_51_1.image pBBW1-17664214v2752. Burn candle.

3. Pretend your house is clean because it smells clean!

This seriously works! Last night our house was smelling very nice and lemony and Bill wondered if I had been cleaning. I will now start burning the candle every afternoon before Bill gets home :)


Mom Monday: Just Because

Mom Monday

Do you enjoy something that is just absolutely ridiculous? One thing that I had forgotten that I particularly enjoy is singing along with very loud music in the car. I just rarely have the opportunity to do this since the boys are usually in the car with me and whenever I sing one of them declares “awful.”

Last night, I went to pick up some dinner and as I was listening to talk radio I realized I was in the car alone. ALONE. And listening to talk radio, boring. So I quickly pulled up my most obnoxious playlist, cranked up the volume and sang as loud as I could. Hopefully I’m not hoarse tomorrow :)